The General

The General 4

Board game software where one army goes against another

The General 4 software program is a board game designed for two players. The objective of the computer board game is to capture the flag of your opponent or make your flag reach the opposite end of the board to win the game.

The General 4 has a set of game pieces where each piece carries a specific rank in a regular army. The player has the chance to fix his men according to how he wants.

Each piece can kill each other which all depend on the type of rank that they hold. The lower the rank, the higher the possibility that it gets consumed by his opponent.

The General 4 allows you to move your game piece one at a time and try to kill as many opponents as you can without getting killed first. The game's objective is achieved when you have cornered your opponent's flag or if you can get your flag to reach the opposite end of the game board.

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